Check your realtime railway speed with this online speedometer. This speed checker provides speed in three metrics of your choice km / h, mi / h, and m / s. Turn on the Gps and hit the start button to perform the train speed test.


Every new day comes with technology that blows our minds in this digital world. The same is true for the train speed check. Many of you must have used speedometers for various vehicles, but you can now perform the speed test on trains. Amazing, Isn’t it?

So if you want to check the speed of the train through a train speed test online then this article is for you. Let’s learn how to check your train’s speed in just a few minutes using the gps speedometer online tool.

Train Speed Test

In this modern era, GPS speedometers are used to monitor the speed of vehicles accurately and conveniently. So say goodbye to the traditional ways of checking a vehicle’s speed and say hello to the modern ways of detecting the speed of moving vehicles. Thanks to the miraculous advancement of science and technology that provides accurate real-time speed readings.

You don’t need a separate device to perform a live speed test because now you can check the current speed of vehicles using your smartphone. Today’s topic is focused on the train speed test. So let’s learn about train speedometer.

Train Speed test

Train Speedometer

Now, just like bikes, cars, buses, etc., you can check train speeds using online speed checker. No worries if you have no idea how to check train speed because we are here to help you out in this regard.

You may be travelling in a train and want to know the speed of Train to calculate the journey time. Train Speedometer is here to help you know your moving speed.

How can we make use of speedometer Online?

There are several use cases of using the speedometer online. Let me list down some of them.

  • Car Speed Test
  • Bike Speed Test
  • Bus Speed Test
  • Vehicle Speed Test
  • Cycle Speedometer
  • Running Speed Test
  • Flight Speed Test for aviation
  • how fast am i going

Stepwise Guide to Check Train Speed

Some people think detecting a train’s speed is as big of a task as its size but that is not how things work. The speedometer for all vehicles works in the same way. Fear not, if you haven’t performed a speed detection test for a train before just follow my lead.

I am a biker, so I use speedometers quite often, but it is a little different for trains. However, it’s not a hectic task or something you should be afraid of. Here is how I test the speed of the train while traveling.

  • Always remember the train speed detector only works when you are sharing your live location with the device. So the first step is to turn on the location and GPS on your phone.
  • Now, you will not need a dedicated speedometer app to perform train speed tests online. Use your smartphone and search for to perform a live speed test.
  • Open the website and select its unit from the following options: meter/sec, miles/hr, and km/hr.
  • When the train starts moving, measure its speed using the speedometer. The speed by which the train is moving will be displayed on your mobile’s screen whenever you use this online tool to check the train’s speed.
  • Note this speed from the screen and you will know the current speed of train.

Mistakes to Avoid

Although checking train speed online is a cakewalk but still many people make silly mistakes that result in inaccurate readings or errors. I am sharing a few important tips with you guys so keep them in mind to ditch all possible human errors that occur during train speed tests.

Turn on the GPS

Make sure your GPS is on because without GPS online speed trackers do not work. The same is the case with online train speed tests.

Mobile Network

Ensure your device has a strong network while performing a train speed test online because you will get no results in case of loss of signals. If you are somewhere where mobile signals are poor the tool may take more time than usual to generate results.

Unreliable Internet Connection

Moreover, having a reliable internet connection is also very important to get results while using online train speedometers. So only use a good speed internet to run railway speed tests to get results accurately and fast.

Short Test Duration

Many people are impatient and don’t give enough time to the app so it can detect the train speed accurately. Impatience is not healthy, always remember you will not get any results if you are not giving the time to the speedometer that it needs to detect the speed of the moving train. So to check the current speed of the train you need to wait for a while and let the device detect the train’s speed otherwise the app will not show any results because of lack of information.

Avoid Peak Hours

A challenge that comes with online speed test tools is high network traffic during peak hours. This slows down the whole process so always try to avoid peak hours for live speed tests.

Background Processes

Try not to run other processes like updates and downloads while using train speedometers online as it interferes with the ongoing process and generates results late.

Not Repeating the Test

According to my personal experience, I would suggest you perform a speed test multiple times at different locations. This way you will know the average speed of train.

Benefits of Train Speed Test

The following information is for all those who are wondering why we need to perform a train speed test. So apart from personal reasons authorities also use train speedometers for multiple reasons. These include

  • To ensure the safety of the passengers and take safety measures to avoid any potential hazards that may occur due to the train’s speed.
  • It also helps in maintaining tracks and updating them on time.
  • Moreover, train speed meter tests help the authorities evaluate a train’s performance in different weather conditions and what measures they should take to enhance the overall performance.
  • Experts also rely on these tests while planning infrastructure and designing railway tracks.
  • In short, higher authorities use train speed tests to ensure the safety of the passengers and bring advancements to develop the railway industry.


How can I check my train speed?

To check train speed all you need to do is turn on the GPS and use our online tool to check the train’s speed.

Which app shows train speed?

There is no need to use any dedicated app for this purpose as we are providing you it on our website free of cost.

How do you calculate train speed in km?

The speed of the train can be calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the train by the total time taken by the vehicle to reach its destination or just using the following formula to calculate the speed of the train i-e., Speed= Distance/Time.

What is normal train speed?

Normally trains travel at a speed between 160 km/hr to 200 km/hr. Whereas bullet trains travel with a speed of 250 to 350 km/hr.

What is the train’s standard speed?

The standard speed of the train varies with the condition of the tracks and weather conditions. So trains travel between the speed of 145 km/hr to 255 km/hr depending on the above-mentioned conditions.

How fast is the fastest train today?

The fastest train is China’s Shanghai Maglev train which travels with a speed of 251 km/hr on average and its speed can go up to 460 km/hr.

How does a speedometer work?

A speedometer is a digital device that is used to measure the speed of any vehicle and it works by sensing the speed by which the vehicle is traveling through the magnetic field created around its sensor.

Final Thoughts

Train speed test may seem like a trivial test but it is of great importance, especially for engineers and higher authorities who are responsible for the maintenance and development of railways in any country. A common person uses a train speed test to check the traveling speed of any train but railway authorities use it to ensure the safety of the passengers and look for ways to enhance the overall performance of the train using the train speed test.

Everyone can perform a train speed test by following the stepwise guide provided in our article. I hope our article has cleared all your confusion related to the train speed test and has enabled you to check train speed like a pro. Thank you for being here and have a safe journey.